Matt Stamps

Assistant Professor

Yale-NUS College
Division of Science
10 College Avenue West
#01-101 Singapore 138609

Phone: +65 6601 5247 (Singapore)
Phone: +1 616 828 5650 (USA)
Office: Saga College RC1-01-03H

Brief Bio

I am an Assistant Professor of Science (Mathematics) and Residential Fellow at Yale-NUS College in Singapore.

Before joining the faculty at Yale-NUS, I was a postdoc with Svante Linusson at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm and Alex Engström at Aalto University in Helsinki. Before that, I was a PhD student with Eric Babson at the University of California, Davis.

Here is my CV.


My research interests include algebraic, geometric, and topological methods in combinatorics and applied mathematics.

I used to organize the Yale-NUS College Mathematical, Computational & Statistical Sciences Seminar.

Most of my publications are available on Google Scholar.


This semester I am teaching Scientific Inquiry 2.


I believe mathematics plays an important role in a wide array of social justice issues and that diversity and inclusion are fundamental components of an empowering and transformative mathematics education. My approach to teaching has been heavily influenced by my experiences facilitating Intergroup Dialogue (IGD) at Yale-NUS College.

With Tim Wertz, I organized the first Yale-NUS College Math Circle.

I am also a former director of the UC Davis Math Circle (2010) and Northern California Program of the American Regions Mathematics League (2011). Both of those programs operated within Explore Math, an NSF VIGRE funded high-school enrichment initiative organized and run solely by graduate students at UC Davis.

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